stitnik za nadzemni hidrant
  • Overground hydrant protection

Unauthorized taking of water from the hydrants from day to day is becoming an increasing problem that all distributors of water are faced by.
People simply access hydrants unauthorized, and that they are allowed to do so because the hydrants must always be available, and all the necessary equipment for unauthorized access to hydrants are available to buy or borrow.

In fact, this is the amount of water that is impossible to determine, and thus the water losses on the distribution networks often show a drastic increase.
Faced with this problem, and in cooperation with several people from the water supply companies, we have produced a solution that will greatly hamper the unauthorized taking of water from the overground hydrants – overground hydrant protection.

Overground hydrant protection has 2 parts :

- protective cover

- special key

Protective cover

- made of solid aluminium construction

- can be made in dimensions 52 mm  and 75 mm

Special key

- made of steel with brushed nickel plating