magnetna plomba2
  • quick detection of manipulation
  • irreversibile destruction
  • laser marking
  • temperature -40°C...+50°C
  • easy to use
  • designed for single use
  • destructs when removed

Security label seal with magnetic field indicator is moulded in polyethylene label and a capsule with a suspension inside in front of the label. Applicaple on meters (gas, water, electric…)

Seal is designed to record the fact of the impact of the magnet or magnetic field on the meter.
Threshold magnetic indicator for constant magnetic fields – 50 mT (varies depending conditions and customer requiremants).
The security text ‘’VOID OPENED’’ will appear on the label surface.
The object can be cleaned of the label with alcohol-containing fluids.

As additional protection,selas can be marked with numeration and customer logo.
Security label seals are available in red colour.

Type of security seal : security label seal

Material : polyethylene

Colour : red

Overall dimensions, mm : 60 x 25 x 2

Type of marking : laser

Numeration : 2 letter code of the country and 7-digit number (standard)

Customer logo : alphanumeric

Temperature resistance of application : from -10°C to +50°C / from -50°F to +122°F

Temperature resistance of exploitation : from -40°C to +50°C / from -40°F to +122°F

Storage warranty, years : 1 (depends on the storage conditions)

Operation warranty, years : 1 (depends on the operation conditions

Removal : wash away the traces of the label with alcohol-containing fluids