RhT web monitor
  • quick and easy configuration
  • delivery of data by e-mail
  • delivery of data to the FTP server
  • SMS and E-mail alert
  • two digital IO inputs
  • XML data format
  • backup battery
  • two digital sensors of temperature and relative humidity

HRT Web Monitor is a telemetry device designed for control and monitoring of temperature and relative humidity.

The device can be used as stand-alone unit or more devices as a system, in combination with a web application. Devices can be centrally linked regardless of the distance (eg : other building, street, city, country or continent).

GSM / GPRS communication and backup battery make it independent of existing infrastructure and immune to the excesses of the existing electricity network. Because of the low power consumption it can be powered by the solar panel or other alternative power sources.

For measuring device uses high-precision sensors of the renowned manufacturer Honeywell, shows the minimum, maximum, medium, current and MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature) for defined period.

The device also has two digital IO inputs that can be used to detect a variety of events (eg : open doors, unauthorized opening of cabinets …..)             .

The data is periodically send in XML format to a remote server (FTP) or E-mail. Due to the simple structure of the data, device can be easily integrated into existing control systems and databases.

Alarms are sent by SMS message on to three predefined number or by e-mail on to the three pre-defined e-mail address.


- measuring, logging and monitoring of temperature in pharmacies, refrigerators and drug warehouses
- storage facilities and plants that cause continuous monitoring and logging of temperature and humidity

Power supply:

Supply voltage: 12V 0.6A

Consumption: 3.5W

Backup battery: 3400 mAh


Sending data : every 10 min, 30 min, 1 h

Data format : XML

Delivery of data: remote server (FTP server), E-mail


Temperature: -25 to +85 C, maximum error +- 0.5  C

Relative humidity: 0 to 100%, maximum error ± 5%

Digital inputs:

Maximum input voltage : 15V

Maximum capacitive input load : 100 nF