• four digital inputs
  • two analog inputs
  • two temperature inputs
  • data delivery to FTP server
  • SMS setting alarms on all inputs
  • quick and easy configuration
  • data delivery in XML format
  • battery powered

Telemetry device GLB4D2A2T is a device intended for the collection of metering and control information for the purpose of surveillance, monitoring and reading of digital and analog signals. The device is powered by internal batteries, external power or a combination of both power. Due to its very low power consumption it is suitable for installation of systems powered by renewable power sources. It has a possible use in different areas of measurement and control as well as in control and reading of various meters (water, electricity, gas, flow, temperature, pressure, monitoring sensors, detection of access etc.)

Telemetry device GLB4D2A2T collects information on the state of digital, analog and temperature inputs, recording them in an internal memory and with use of GPRS module periodically forwarding them to a remote FTP server. The data is delivered to a remote server (FTP server) in XML and CSV format which allows easy integration into any database or application.

GLB4D2A2T is equipped with two analog inputs 0-20mA or 0-30V (supplied with the unit) which enable gathering information from various sensors (pressure, flow, temperature, etc.) and four digital inputs which enable gathering information from the motion sensor, fracture sensors, various contact alarm sensors etc. All digital inputs have counters 999999999 and speed 120 Hz, which allow us to gather information about the various counters (water meters, gas meters, electricity meters, work hours meters, operation counters, etc.), and has two temperature inputs that allow gathering information from the temperature sensor (PT100). All digital inputs have frequency counter speed of 50000Hz. All inputs have the option of setting parameters for SMS alarms in case of deviations from the set points.

Power supply:

Battery powered: 6-12 lithium batteries 3.6V   17000 mAh

Battery lifetime: 10+ years (6 batteries)

Replaceable batteries


Data logging: every 1 to 60 min

Data format: XML

Data delivery: remote server (FTP server)


Digital inputs: 4 digital inputs, all 4 have pulse counters and frequency counters

Maximum input voltage: 15V

Maximum capacitive input load: 10nF

Analog inputs: 2 analog inputs 0-20mA ili 0-5V

General characteristics:

Dimensions: 280 x 170 x 90 mm (LHW)

Material: plastic coated aluminium

Colour: gray