About Us

Intelteh d.o.o. is a company that bases its business on sales, integration, development and manufacture of electronic circuits in the field of microprocessor digital electronics and also on sale of scales and measuring equipment from renowned manufacturers in the world and its installation, putting into operation and maintenance.

In our work we follow and apply the most advanced technology so we would be able to fully respond to the needs and demands of the market. We are constantly looking for new technological solutions to meet the most demanding requirements faced by our clients. For this reason we offer a complete hardware and software solutions that are created based on the needs and demands of our customers. Professional company staff with years of experience and references will respond to all customer queries and for each query will suggest and advise the best and most efficient solutions.

Especially we stress telemetry and metering followed by a long standing experience in monitoring systems, measurement and reading of water, electricity, gas and other media in the industry and household.

Our goal is always customer trust and satisfaction with our solutions as also continuous specialization in order for us to be ready to respond to any customer request.


Headquarters: Božidara Magovca 87, 10010 Zagreb
Office: Hermanova 18b, 10000 Zagreb
The company is registered in the Croatian Trade Register
with the Commercial Court in Zagreb – Tt-08/14590-2
IBAN: HR2824840081104952744 kod RBA



Contact Us

  • INTELTEH d.o.o.
  • phone: +385 1 561 48 30
  • telefax: +385 1 560 45 07
  • email: info@intelteh.hr
  • MB: 2455650
  • OIB: 80595701131
  • Center: Božidara Magovca 87
  • 10010 Zagreb, Croatia
  • Office: Hermanova 18b
  • 10000 Zagreb, Croatia